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Emini Academy

I have always had an interest in trading stock. At my work at the bank, I had several friends who did day trading. I decided to do some research and see if I would be able to make money trading futures for a living. After much research I decided that Emini Academy had a program that I could really learn. After signing up and paying my money, I started to really spend the time to learn their program and their rules for trading. If I’m being honest, it has taken me a while to really feel comfortable trading every day.

I have found that if you really follow the rules of the Emini software, you will be consistent in winning the majority of your trades. I was a little frustrated at first, but it was because I would see all kinds of trade setups that I thought the Emini program was missing. After a few hard lessons, it became very clear that if I stayed with the program rules, I would come out ahead.

At first I traded all day and found that my life had become a little stressful. In fact I was a little up and down in making points each day. I have found that if I set a target of 3 points each day, I am much more consistent. I generally go get my 3 points within 15 minutes to 1.5 hours in the morning. Very seldom do I go past that time. Believe me after you hit your target early in the morning, you stress is minimal.

In this time of uncertainty, Emini Academy has given my family and I certainty. I love my new life thanks to the program. To anyone that is looking as I was, I recommend Emini Academy and Chris Dunn with his MAP Trading Program.


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Serious about your trading? Look no further!!

It does not happen often, when one feels 100% satisfied with any purchase. It is even more rare when one is over the moon with it and gotten more than you bargained for. This is the way I feel after completing the material and entering the live market after my studies with EA.

I joined a few months ago, after a few years of differing levels of success trying to trade the markets. I have always dreamt of becoming a successful trader, but did not make it with my desire alone. I found EA on the web, viewed all the promotional materials and I was very impressed. I was invited to join a couple of live classes and was sold immediately. I could not believe what I saw in the first live trading class that I attended. I could also not believe how little risk is involved per trade, how calm the instructor was and how disciplined the process is. (This was against all my personal past experiences) It blew my mind and enrolled right away, I was sold!

I am also suitably impressed by the comprehensive nature of the material and the dedication of all the staff. All of them really care and they are always prepared to assist with anything. They have met and exceeded all of my expectations and I thank them for it.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has a desire to make money from trading. The program covers all you will EVER need to know about short term trading and more.


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excellent customer service

I have been an emini academy member since the middle of last year. From the start, emini academy has been extremely helpful and have answered all questions I have had regarding the system. I am am a novice trader and had a friend who introduced me to eminis a couple of years ago. I had very little knowledge about trading and I was looking for something that gave me the knowledge and then the support. I was really impressed with emini academy. I feel I have a good knowledge of the software, and the classes really help. Unfortuntaley, I have many commitments, so I don’t have time to trade each day, but I have been sim trading for a while and doing quite well. Once I have more time, I intend to trade daily and then go live.


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Great School

Amazing customer service. Any questions you have on the curriculum and how to apply it, they’re right there to answer and explain through e-mail and live trading classes.

I kept an eye on this school for about a year and decided to take it, because I still had a good feeling about it. They’re legit. The system is great. If you take all the valid trade setups, you’ll be profitable.


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