Emini Futures Trading Hours

Emini Futures Trading Hours Are Very Convenient and Attractive to Investors

Emini futures trading hours are part of these futures contracts’ attraction. Emini futures are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and are available on a wide array of indices including the S&P 500 and the S&P Midrange 400. These days there are emini futures for a vast range of commodities, including corn, silver, gold, wheat, coffee, sugar, beef, and on and on. The CME makes emini futures trading possible around the clock–a feature that attracts a great number of investors as this gives them more flexibility and lets them trade at nearly any time that is good for them, such as for instance in the evening after getting home from work.

Eminis are miniaturized versions of standard futures contracts. Their smaller size makes them far more affordable to the average investor than the standard size futures are, meaning that “everyday people” can get on the futures contracts trading game. Eminis are also highly liquid, for they are traded electronically (that’s the “e” part) and, with their far lower margin requirements (the reason why they are so affordable), there are investors from all around the world pouring money into them. This stabilizes prices and reduces the problem of slippage.

The convenience of trading round the clock, affordability, and liquidity are the three qualities that make these futures so attractive today. However, because there is no trading pit for eminis any longer, as they are now traded only electronically, there is actually a lack of trading demand for them and, as such, the lack of order-demand can make them hard to trade. Therefore, the best way for an investor to use eminis to try to make money is by day trading. “Day trading” means entering and then exiting a position within a very short time span in order to take advantage of an immediate price movement in a contract’s underlying asset.

By day trading with eminis, the investor seeks to take a small piece out of the total market. Of course, losses are incurred, so the investor has to learn how to trade with effective strategies that will allow him to potentially earn more than the amount in losses, over time.

If you want to become an emini day trader, first learn and practice your strategies with a virtual “play money” account. This will prepare you for the day trader’s life.

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