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Mar 5 2014

Understanding Flat Markets and Trading Accordingly

Anybody that has any experience with trading knows that you can’t win 100% of the time. It’s just not going to happen. Like we are constantly telling our Pro Trader Challenge members, the key is to not let your emotions take control and cause you to make irrational decisions, like “revenge trading” or getting scared of “A-trades” when conditions improve. We started out with a couple of losses this morning and the markets have been consolidating ever since.

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As you could see in the video, our overall win and profit potential was still positive over the last couple of days. One of our star members, Mike Carter, even showed the difference between his loss and his win size in this post from yesterday. And although there hasn’t been any big momentum or volatility today, I’m expecting it to return sooner than later.

Many markets continue to make new all-time highs and, with the exception of a few consolidation days like today, we haven’t seen a slow down in buying power since the beginning of February. I will continue to push the gas on longs and scale back a little on shorts until a clear area of resistance has been put in on the daily charts.

Mar 4 2014

My Intro and Trading Recap for March 4, 2014


My name is Mike Carter. As a successful trader of Emini Academy’s Map Strategy, Chris Dunn and I decided to start showing everyone essentially how I do what I do. So over the next few months, I’ll be contributing to the EA blog.

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I got started about a year ago with Emini Academy in the Pro Trader Challenge program and quickly became addicted to Chris Dunn’s sensible “base hit” approach to day trading. After a few months of practicing and sim trading I actually won the Trader Trip to Medellin, Colombia to trade live with Chris Dunn for an entire week. That trip was a defining experience in my growth as a trader. Above all else, the most important lesson I took from that week was his emphasis on hard work and the “screen time” it takes to become a professional like himself.

mike c 290x300 My Intro and Trading Recap for March 4, 2014

Chris Dunn and I in Colombia

Over the last 8-10 months, I’ve been logged into the trading room everyday, I’ve logged my trades in the journal they provide, and I started doing personal video reviews of my trades. I’ve found that reviewing your trades each day not only helps you grow as a trader, but it helps you mentally as well by keeping you honest.

In the video below, you’ll see an example of what I’m talking about. This is my first public trade review… what do you think?

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Feb 24 2014

Day Trading During New All-Time Highs

As the market opened this morning, we saw price pushing up into resistance and our daily all-time high level. Price has reacted pretty strongly off of this level in the past, especially around January 2nd when saw a drop of over 100 points in the Emini S&P 500 market within just 9 trading days. Today, however, we witnessed price break through the resistance level and enter into a very strong bullish trend. We quickly recognized that we had favorable market conditions (I explain how to identify conditions in this blog post) and we took advantage in a couple of beautiful long setups.

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In the video above, I showed you the break of resistance along with how many of our traders took advantage of the trades in this amazing trading environment. You could see how just about everybody had the same type of entries and were collecting at around the same targets. The markets are now consolidating a little after the big overrun of key resistance this morning. Check out this daily chart to see how the close of today will give us more information about what we can expect in the coming days:

2 24 2014 3 08 46 PM Day Trading During New All Time Highs

ES Daily Chart

As you can see, we might be seeing more bullish strength in the next few days, but if price closes below resistance this afternoon, we could remain inside of some key daily areas and consolidate a little more. Check out this video for a more in-depth look at today’s action:

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Feb 4 2014

MAP Strategy Results And An Invite To Our Next Live Trading Webinar

Market conditions in 2014 so far have been completely different than they were near the end of 2013. We are seeing high volatility, big volume, and nice follow-through. As we know, bigger volume and volatility = more opportunity for our traders!

We frequently roll out updated reports showing our students the profit potential of the MAP Trading Strategy, and the best parameters to use for each market. As our Pro Trading Challenge members know, we use the tested results below as a guide to show where the profit potential is, and when NOT to trade.

Also, we’ll be hosting a live market training event on Thursday 2/6/14 at 2pm EST. During this event, you’ll get a live demonstration of the MAP Trading Strategy and gain valuable insight into the emini futures markets. The last event we held like this filled up and many of you emailed me wondering why you couldn’t get in. Well, we have a capacity limit of 250 people per event.

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Jan 29 2014

Identifying Favorable Market Environments

In the last few videos that I put together (such as this one), I have mentioned trading only when market conditions are favorable. This can mean different things depending on the system you are trading, the type of market you are trading, or any other number of factors. Because that can be such a broad term to use, I decided I was going to put together a video as soon as we had the type of market movement that would help give you a visual example of what I mean when I say that according to our strategy.

With today being a fed news day, we got just the type of movement I was looking for. The market opened a little flat and choppy, but when the setups arrived our Pro Trading Challenge members took full advantage of it! In the video below, I show you the distinct difference between a favorable market environment and a non-favorable market environment and how our members were able to pull points out of the favorable one (spoiler: some did even better than I did). And our trading room was blowing up with charts coming in when conditions WERE favorable, as I showed on my twitter page this morning.
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Jan 21 2014

Differences In Post Holiday Trading (and live trading demo invite)

Typically the trading day right before and right after a holiday shows a lower “range” and volume. One thing we teach to our MAP Trading Program members is that it’s best to only trade when you have confirmed strength and direction and when the volume and volatility is evident. Recently, most trading days around holidays have lacked direction and have caused us to be selective with our setups, limiting the opportunities we have to take a trade.

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Today, however, showed us very clear direction and strength which resulted in many setup opportunities and bigger profit targets being hit after the setup. Check out this video to learn about some of the differences in post holiday trading (and scroll down after for your Live Trading webinar invitation):

As you were able to see, even with it being a pretty flat overall day, we had some outstanding opportunities across the board. I am expecting this type of movement to continue throughout the week and during our Live Trading webinar on Thursday at 2pm EST. We still have about 100 spots left, so click below if you would like to get signed up!

Happy Trading!

Jan 14 2014

How To Trade When Strength Enters The Market (and a live trade!)

So I woke up this morning really compelled to put together a blog post for you guys explaining what I mean when I talk about different “market environments” (like I do in this post here), and I knew that the overall movement in yesterday’s S&P 500 emini market would help to show you an example. I explain it very thoroughly and in great detail in our trading room and in our members area, but I felt that you should also have a good idea what I am talking about when I mention it here on the blog posts.

With the market pretty flat and sideways yesterday, we looked to stay away from many opportunities that came along. We did this because of the lack of strength, follow-through, and clear direction. I mentioned to our members in the trading room that I was “sitting on my hands” and not interested in a trade at that time. However, during and immediately after the lunch hour, sellers entered the market with a lot of strength and we had many short opportunities in a row! In this video, you can clearly see how different the morning session can be from the afternoon session. This doesn’t mean that you can’t trade part time, it just shows that opportunities can come at any time. Check out the video below, but definitely make sure that you scroll past the video after watching it because something very special is below!


Now, remember how I mentioned in that video that a short could work out nicely if buyers failed to take control through the 1820 level? Well, as I was starting to put this post together, a short set up right after buyers failed to get much follow through at the open. I quickly got into the trade and then hit record (because I’ve missed way too many trades by trying to get the recorder going before entering the trade), and was able to show you the management of the trade and my attempt at entering into another trade on the YM (Dow emini). It’s always a great thing when your expectations occur exactly as you planned. Now, this trade wasn’t a home run like I was originally looking for, but it was still a nice little 2 pointer to start the day.

Of course after this trade, we had many other setups that I didn’t capture on camera, but I am going to add some photos below to showcase other opportunities that the MAP software provided. If you’d like to learn more or get started with us, go ahead and click here and we will be in contact with you! Have a great day.

Jan 6 2014

Some Great Movement To Start 2014!

We started today coming off of a slower couple of weeks due to the holidays. And in our trading room, we talked about how we could expect the morning to start out a little unsure and slow and then for the volume to pick up as the week progressed. The market of the day would have to be the S&P 500 emini market. We had a couple of small failed opportunities to start, but then had a killer short to more than make up for them. And if you follow me on Twitter, you saw this trade by Kevin earlier:

1 6 2014 1 30 49 PM Some Great Movement To Start 2014!

In the video below, I explain the progressive process and the steps that we took this morning as I explained live in our trading room for the members of the MAP program. We discussed setup and entry scenarios, management and risk tolerance options, and reviewed each persons chart that was sent in to the room. Check out this video below to see the trade opportunities that occurred in the first 90 minutes of the day:

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Dec 17 2013

Day Trading With The Current Volatility

We had a huge down day last week that brought volume and volatility into the markets. And in our trading room, we talked about how we could expect this type of movement to continue as long as we stayed outside of our longer-term daily areas. We have since popped back inside, but have continued to see some nice opportunities. And if you saw my blog post from about this time last month, you know that we can have amazing trading conditions in a slower market.

In the video below, you will get a nice example of the market recap videos that I produce regularly for the members of the MAP program. In this recording, I cover many different topics including current conditions, what to look at on the daily chart, what happened today in the market, and also show the trade of the day along with some student charts for that trade. Check out the actual market recap video sent to our members below:

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Dec 5 2013

Trading Inside A Continued Daily Range

We’ve continued to remain inside of these big daily ranges in the indices, which has led to a few slower days here and there without much clear direction. Today was not one of those days.

Clear strength and direction was established early, and it continued throughout the morning. The trading room was buzzing earlier as many of our members took advantage of this great volatility. Right about when we became disinterested in one market, another market would start popping. It was a beautiful thing!

In the video below, I was able to capture a couple of live trades and give you an idea of our methodology here at the Emini Academy. I also showcase a couple of student charts for a trade that happened minutes before the live trade I show you in the video.

Check out these screenshots of some trades that our members sent into the trading room:

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