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Apr 22 2014

Power Momentum Trading with the MAP Trading Strategy

We’ve continued to see BIG hesitation around the mid 1860’s in the S&P 500 emini market. Price has continued to revert back to this level and then stall for the last couple of months. However, any time we disconnect from this area, big momentum and strength enters the market and gives us incredible movement. Today was not an exception…

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As you saw in the video above, buyers had clear control for most of the day after breaking through the key daily level. And as I mentioned to our Pro Trader Challenge members in the trading room, there really wasn’t a reason for a slow down until we got closer to the next level of resistance around 1880.

With our MAP Trading Strategy, we were able to recognize when the strength had entered into the markets and then we were able to capitalize when the conditions were favorable. There have been many outstanding lessons in this current market environment so right now is a great time to join a team that is ready and more than willing to help you along the way. 

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Apr 14 2014

Day Trading Below Major Daily Resistance

We are continuing to see great respect and follow-through as price sits below prior strong support (now turned resistance). I love trading after a breaking out of a tight channel, especially because of the volatility and strength that enters after the breakout.

We can’t control how the market moves, but I’m expecting to see this type of movement continue during our Live Trading Event Tomorrow at 2pm EST.

As you saw in the video, we had plenty of trade opportunities this morning. They might not have all been winners, but our winners were bigger than our losses and we sized our trades according to the current conditions, like Chris Dunn did in this post from Friday.

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Apr 11 2014

2 Trades From Our Live Trading Room Today

Over the past few weeks the market has been stuck inside of a tight channel. That all changed yesterday when the stock market had a huge sell-off.

So going into the market today I was the most excited that I’ve been in weeks. And it paid off… After a little bit of choppiness in the early morning, I had two winning trades – One on the S&P 500 E-mini (Symbol: ES), and one on the Russell 2000 E-mini (Symbol: TF).

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I was actually walking our students through these trades live in the trading room, and got some of it captured on video. Check out this video to see the live TF trade and a recap of the ES trade:

It’s great to see how some of our students are progressing and knocking it out of the park when market conditions are ripe. As we’ve mentioned many times before, capital preservation is just as important as winning trades. If you become undisciplined, you’ll end up giving back profits you work hard for during nice volatility.

Apr 9 2014

Great Range-bound Trading With The MAP Strategy

Although the pre-market movement was showing strength to the upside, it didn’t continue for long after the open. For the most part, we were pretty range-bound today. And as you will see in the video below, range-bound movement isn’t typically what we hope for, but we can still have some incredible opportunities in this environment with the MAP strategy.

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As you saw in the video, we started out with a loss this morning in the Dow emini market. However, once it was determined that we had respect again we had three wins in a row (1 very nice one in the Dow emini and 2 in the S&P 500 emini). Many of our Pro Trader Challenge members were able to capture these trades and pull out a few points. 

Also, I was recently down in the keys with Chris Dunn and Mike Carter while Chris kicked off his “Epic Journey Around The World” and we were discussing the common questions that people ask about day trading. Make sure to check it out below, or click here to see the full post.

It covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from why 90%+ of traders lose money to a brief discussion on High Frequency Trading. Stay tuned for more great videos from different parts of the world.

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Apr 8 2014

Pushing The Gas When Market Conditions Improve

A big component to successfully day trading is to know when the markets are moving in your favor. That didn’t happen until around 11am EST this morning. However, once conditions improved and there was evident strength, we were able to capitalize on the opportunities that came. See the video below for a recap of trade setups that the MAP Trading System provided for us:
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 As you saw in the video, most of the morning was flat and hesitant. We took that time in the trading room to talk about the importance of capital preservation when the market conditions aren’t in your favor. Our Pro Trader Challenge members and I were constantly talking about what we would want to see before participating again and continued to observe when the markets were in favorable conditions. Those conditions appeared in the later morning and we were able to take full advantage. 

We are still overall pretty flat for the day (as of 12:15 pm EST), but if we do end up popping below strong daily support over the next couple of days, I’d expect some pretty strong movement to come in and push price down to 1810 or below. 

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Mar 27 2014

Incredible Volatility Off Of Key Daily Levels

As price has continued to revert back to the mid 1860’s level in the ES for the last few weeks, we have seen more flat markets with less conviction. That doesn’t mean we had many losing days, it just means that we needed to trade a little lighter and not as quickly. In this post, I talked about flat days and the best course of action to take in those markets. In the video below, you’re going to see what happens when strength and direction enters the market after a couple of slower, flat days:

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As you were able to see above, we had some great follow-through from our daily levels after hitting our High Probability Areas and getting valid MAP setups. And as you saw with the different student charts, many of our Pro Trader Challenge members were able to capitalize on those moves.

One of those members, Mike Carter, did an incredible job today and did a guest post for us. Click here to see how Mike did in these beautiful conditions. Mike has done a great job trading lately and deserves all the kudos you can give him. So if you happen to talk to him in the near future, make sure to tell him you saw his video.

If you’d like more information on the Emini Academy, go ahead and click here and we can get you registered for a free video series.

Happy Trading!

Mar 27 2014

Mike Carter’s Trade Review for March 27, 2014. +5.75 points!

Today had some amazing set-ups in a few of the markets, mainly the YM and ES. I love days like today, volume was high, market pace was quick, and all of our areas were holding very nicely.

I’m confident in saying that all of our experienced traders in the Live Trading Room, one of the many benefits of our Pro Trader Challenge, made money. Having a good understanding of how to use position sizing in conjunction with market strength made a huge difference (to my benefit) in my profit taking today. Interested in how this all works?

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Mar 17 2014

Incredible St. Patty’s Day Movement!

We saw some incredible volatility this morning in our emini markets. We had strength in both directions which led to some nice MAP Trading Strategy setups both long and short. The indices showed us overall bearish strength last week, and a lot of the movement we had today was a reaction to one of the big daily support levels (as seen in this picture):

ES Daily Chart

ES Daily Chart


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This morning right before market open, I mentioned to our Pro Trader Challenge members in the trading room that we had a potential setup in the Dow emini market that we could look to participate in when the market opened. That was definitely our trade of the day, but we still had some great opportunities across the board. Check out my recap in the video below:



Also, a lot of times when there is positive movement in the indices, the commodities aren’t really in play that much. Well, today we actually had some great movement in both areas. One of our members, Mike Carter, went ahead and put together a quick recap of his trade this morning in Gold and showed you the results. Check out his recap here:



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Mar 7 2014

Mike’s Trade Review – Fast Paced Friday Morning With +4.75 points

This morning gave us some great volume and a very quick pace. We had a number of set ups in the YM and ES right away. You had to be quick though! Today was a perfect example of why being prepared early is so important. Our Live Trade Room was incredibly active in the first 30 minutes. Check out the video below for my review of the ES short that happened right at market open. 

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Mike Carter

Mar 5 2014

Understanding Flat Markets and Trading Accordingly

Anybody that has any experience with trading knows that you can’t win 100% of the time. It’s just not going to happen. Like we are constantly telling our Pro Trader Challenge members, the key is to not let your emotions take control and cause you to make irrational decisions, like “revenge trading” or getting scared of “A-trades” when conditions improve. We started out with a couple of losses this morning and the markets have been consolidating ever since.

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Click Here To Sign Up For The Free Live Market Class On March 11th

As you could see in the video, our overall win and profit potential was still positive over the last couple of days. One of our star members, Mike Carter, even showed the difference between his loss and his win size in this post from yesterday. And although there hasn’t been any big momentum or volatility today, I’m expecting it to return sooner than later.

Many markets continue to make new all-time highs and, with the exception of a few consolidation days like today, we haven’t seen a slow down in buying power since the beginning of February. I will continue to push the gas on longs and scale back a little on shorts until a clear area of resistance has been put in on the daily charts.