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Oct 7 2014

Day Trading During HUGE Bearish Strength

We’ve seen some incredible power selling over the last few days in the US indices. I wouldn’t quite call it a “panic sell-off” yet, but there are definitely some key levels that, if broken, could lead to that panic selling. And you are in for some incredible movement anytime you combine the high volume, the great follow-through, and the power selling that we’ve seen over the last few days. Check out the video below where I explain that movement and the opportunities that came along with it today:

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As you could see in the video above, with the increase in volume and bigger follow-through, the trading opportunities have been plentiful lately. Our trading room has been blowing up with charts from different members and we have seen a big increase in trading activity. With the addition of 2 new trade setups over the last few months in order to keep up with market conditions, we have been able to remain active in most types of market conditions. With that said though, this type of environment is my favorite. We typically see the best follow-through, high probability areas being hit more often, and just and overall more exciting environment. 

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10-7-2014 6-14-11 PM

May 29 2014

Range-bound Trading After New All-time Highs (and bootcamp info!)

Today has turned out to be an inside day, remaining within yesterdays range. This has lead to lower volume and less opportunities. However, recognizing key daily support and resistance levels resulted in us participating in only the higher probability trades today and staying away from the ones going into those key levels (as we expected those levels to continue to hold for the time being due to low volume and volatility). Check out the video below for a look at those higher probability setups and what the daily levels have meant to us lately:

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As you saw in the video above, the key levels have been important to have a good understanding of today. And in all actuality, those levels have played a big role in our decision making over the last few weeks. For example, we knew not to go long once we got too close to 1880 last week, but once we broke through it the sky was the limit and we had some beautiful longs. Being able to be aware of the bigger picture has definitely been beneficial to us lately. That will be one of our big lessons at the bootcamp next week. We will be going in depth about how to best recognize the bigger picture, along with many other lessons.

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May 27 2014

Day Trading Breakout Highs

First off, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. All of us at Emini Academy want to take a moment to send a big THANK YOU to all of the service men and women out there. So, thank you for providing the freedom for us to do what we love day in and day out.

Ok, back to business. We saw a lot of buying power over the 3-day weekend, causing most of the markets to make new all-time highs. And typical of post-holiday market conditions, the volume was very light. But with the bulls clearly in control most of the day, we had some incredible trade opportunities. Check out the video below to see those trade setups and get an idea of the kind of volume we had:

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As I mentioned in the video, the MAP Trading Software gave us signals at “high probability trading levels” and confirmed that the rules were met for one of our setups. We already had nice prior bullish strength and had made the new all time highs, so we were just looking to pull the trigger once the trade setup. After pulling the trigger, it was just a matter of following our trading plan and collecting at our dynamic profit targets, or targets that adjust to current market conditions. 

We will be covering many lessons in detail at our upcoming bootcamp. This bootcamp is free to all Emini Academy members, but you have to be a member to attend. Make sure to get started with us today to reserve your spot. 

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May 20 2014

Day Trading Off Of Major Resistance

The S&P 500 emini market opened right around major daily resistance today. And the MAP trading software gave us a setup for a short through that major daily level right after the market opened. After the clean break occurred, price pretty much fell off a cliff the rest of the day to go on and run to the next daily level (1865). In the midst of all of this “predictable” action, we had some incredible trade setup opportunities. In the video below, I take you through those setups and explain how we were able to correctly predict this type of movement:

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As you saw, 1880 has been such a key level in the markets lately, and we have been loving the type of strength that we have seen when we react to this area. We have recently been talking about this type of movement in the Pro Trader Challenge trading room, and are pumped for the big pop that is primed to appear in the near future. Typically, when price stays inside of the same small range like it has the last few weeks, we then see much bigger movement outside of this range which can lead to many great opportunities. 

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May 15 2014

How To Catch Big Trades During A “Long Trap” (And A Free 4-Day Bootcamp)

Before we jump into today’s action, I just want to invite you to our first ever four day trading bootcamp, absolutely free!  The best part is you don’t have to fly anywhere or pay for a hotel.  Click here to check your invitation to the free online bootcamp.

How To Trade Long Traps

After breaking out to all time highs a few days ago, the E-mini S&P 500 (Symbol: $ES_F) just sold off ~20 points in the first hour of the trading day.  The reason this happened is because there were no buyers when the market pulled back to retest the breakout level of $1,885.  Once that snapped, we were prepared in our trading room to find Power Momentum Short trade setups.

long trap

Here’s the key to anticipating when a long trap is going to occur:

1. Realize where the strong breakout level is (in this case, 1885)

2. Look for fading volume above the breakout level

3. Determine the “failure point” where sellers are likely to take control and cause a panic

4. Wait patiently for volume on a the break point

5. Enter short at a high-probability entry area, managing risk through stops and position sizing

6. Ride the emotion down to the next major daily level

… and that’s it!

We’re going to cover this in more detail in our free 4-day trading bootcamp coming up soon!  Make sure to reserve your spot!

In the trading room, Chris Henry, along with some traders, caught a beautiful 6 point short trade. In the student trader’s chart below, notice how the entry is at a “high probability short area”.  In other words, this is where there’s multiple layers of probability stacked at one price that add to the odds of the market moving lower from that area.  Just like we want to “buy low and sell high”, we want to do the opposite when shorting the market.

Here’s a chart submitted in the room from one of our Pro Trader Challenge student traders.

5-15-2014 9-30-41 AM

Days like today are prime examples of when you want to “press the gas”.  Lately, the market’s been shifting between periods of really low volume and volatility, with periods of time that give great opportunity.  One of the most challenging parts of trading is being patient and waiting for the best market conditions.  That’s why it’s so important to be part of an effective trading room and community of like-minded traders.

In the upcoming free 4-day trading bootcamp, we’re going to be covering exactly how we trade e-minis with the MAP Trading Strategy, how to analyze market conditions, and how to develop your skill as a trader.

May 8 2014

3 Simultaneous Trades Captured Live

The market has been inside of some key daily levels over the past few weeks, but we have seen incredible strength and volatility which has lead to some really nice trade opportunities.

So going into the market today, we were very excited for this kind of movement to continue and were ready to capitalize if/when it did. And it definitely paid off… After slight consolidation at the open, we had a pop and saw some incredible strength enter. After that, it was one trade after another. Not every single trade was a winner, but they were definitely more common with bigger overall win sizes.

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I was actually going over these trades live in the trading room, and got some of it captured on video. Check out this video to see the 3 simultaneous live trades:

I love how well our MAP Trading Program members have been doing in these environments. They have been pulling the trigger when conditions have been favorable, but also just as importantly (if not more) they have been “sitting on their hands” when the markets have gotten choppy or disrespectful and have been able to preserve capital instead of giving back some of their winnings. 

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May 7 2014

Free Trading Class Recording: Trade Recap On High Volatility

Today’s morning action was really fun to trade. We had a pre-market setup, strong “Power Momentum Trades”, and a few great system trades from the MAP Trade Signal Software.

We wanted to post a video recap of today’s trades to show you guys how we trade when the market is really volatile. This video is a recording taken from our trading room, where we typically do a recap after the morning trading.

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As we explained in our last live market webinar, it’s so important only to trade the e-mini futures market when there’s strong volume and volatility, otherwise you’ll just be fighting against the high-frequency algorithms.

Having a solid trading strategy is only part of the equation. Part of our training program is all about helping traders understand the best market conditions for trading, and when to stay away.

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May 1 2014

Market Forecast For May And Recap Of The Week So Far

We have seen some incredible trading from our members in the Pro Trader Challenge trading room over the last few days. We’ve had incredible breakouts from areas that we predicted, and have continued to be patient and disciplined during the times that the market was consolidating around these levels. Check out the video below to see some of the trades from the past week and to get a forecast of what we expect over the next few days.

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As I talked about in my last blog post, we were expecting the reaction from the 1880 level to occur. The question now though, is whether or not we break cleanly through it or react off of it again to go back down to the 1840’s. Tomorrow’s movement will be very telling regarding what to expect going into next week. 

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Apr 26 2014

A Recap Of An Incredible Trading Week And Forecast For The End Of April

As you have seen in my blog posts throughout the week, we have recently seen incredible volatility and movement which has led to some great trading opportunities. In the video below, I’ll show you what it has all meant for us on a larger scale and what we can expect going forward.

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As I mentioned in the video, the immediate key level is around 1840 on the S&P 500 emini daily chart. If 1880 continues to hold as a resistance level and sellers cause price to pop through 1840, we could see some big panic selling enter the market. I’m not necessarily expecting the area to break, but there will be some BIG potential if it does and our new power momentum trade that we recently rolled out to our MAP Trading students will really help to capture that potential.

We will talk about this movement and more in our next live trading event. Make sure to reserve your spot now, as space is limited!

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Stay profitable and happy trading!

Chris Henry

Apr 24 2014

Day Trading With The Current Market Conditions

Price continues to react off of daily levels of support and resistance. We have seen some incredible movement from the reaction to these areas which has led to great trade opportunities using the MAP Trading Strategy.

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As you saw in the video above, we had 3 different types of market environments within the last 3 days, but there were still nice trade opportunities in each. As we have mentioned a few times recently in the trading room for our PTC members, I will be looking for either a break above 1880 or below the mid 1860’s over the next couple of days. I’d expect to see more inside days until that happens, but when the pop does come I will be interested in more Power Momentum Trading.

We will be talking more in depth about what these daily price levels mean to us as day traders and what movement to expect in the future at our next live event. This event takes place on Tuesday, April 29th @ 2pm EST. Space is limited and spots will run out, so make sure to reserve your place now!

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