Jun 18 2013

Is this killing your trading? (And why women make better traders) June 18, 2013 by Chris Dunn

After nearly 6 years of helping other traders, I’ve seen one mental problem that consistently holds many traders back. And it’s something that men struggle more with than most women. That mental block is EGO.

It’s amazing how important the mental side of trading is to a traders bottom line. You can have a winning strategy, but if you don’t master this one mental … Read More

Jun 11 2013

Live Trading Video – 3 Beautiful Long Setups (E-mini S&P 500) June 11, 2013 by Chris Dunn

Ok, I’ll get right to it – The markets have been phenomenal for MAP Trading Program members lately.  Why?  Because volatility has created many intra-day trade setups and opportunities.  And our team has done great keeping up with current market dynamics, which is important so we know which risk/reward/indicator parameters are working best.

You see, professional traders… Read More

Jun 5 2013

[Market Alert Video] how our strategy traded today’s “panic”… June 5, 2013 by Chris Henry

Well, the market gave us the panic we were looking for from yesterday – and boy did we have fun trading it today!

The market started off slow, but picked up once the panic began to drive prices lower.  Overall, I expect the rest of the week to show strong volatility — even though we’re going into summer.

The stock indices and gold have been showing “healthy” … Read More

Jun 4 2013

A Possible Market Top? (And trade examples from today) June 4, 2013 by Chris Dunn

I’m excited to be rolling out some brand new monthly membership levels for the MAP Trading Program! This is just a test, and I’m not sure how long they’ll be available, so click here to learn more and lock in your monthly memberships now!

Market Forecast

Well, the market’s been showing signs of weakness for the past couple of weeks, which could mean a market panic … Read More

May 23 2013

How To Stop “Hindsight” Trading & Think Like A Chess Player… May 23, 2013 by Chris Dunn

Work & Play

New to trading? Start with this free step-by-step video series! (Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel)

Some members of our MAP Trading Program have been killing it lately in our trading room. It’s great to the benefits of combining a true rules-based trading strategy with trader discipline. In today’s video, I’m going to take you through some signals… Read More

May 16 2013

Two Big Indices Trades Before News (with student charts) May 16, 2013 by Chris Henry

We had two big MAP trades before the Philadelphia Fed Survey was released at 10:00am EST this morning. We don’t try to guess the reaction to news items in the markets. Because of this, we like to be out of the market most of the time before that news breaks and in this case that worked to our advantage. Check out the video below to see these trades and to also see some charts the members sent … Read More

May 7 2013

Day Trading In Colombia – And Paragliding Over Medellin (With Trading Contest Winner, Mike Carter) May 7, 2013 by Chris Dunn

We had an incredible month down in Colombia – doing everything from paragliding, day trading, and trekking through the Amazon Jungle. And congratulations again to Mike Carter, who won an all-expenses paid trip to trade with us in Medellin. I know he learned a lot about the MAP Trading Strategy, and got first-hand experience at what it’s like to day trade and travel.

Mike was … Read More

May 7 2013

Why Commodities Can Be Great To Trade When Stock Indices Are Slow May 7, 2013 by Chris Henry

While the stock indices started out a little slow with a lot of weakness evident this morning, the Gold market gave us some great opportunities with a whole lot of follow through. Check out the video below and congrats to Heath who pulled out $2,880 on this trade this morning! (his chart is the last of the 3 under this video)

 … Read More

Apr 19 2013

And the winner of the Colombia trading trip is… April 19, 2013 by Chris Dunn

First off, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who applied for this trading trip! I’m extremely humbled by all the responses, and wish I could take everyone! We are already planning a couple more trading trips this year, so if my team didn’t pick you this time, there’s still plenty of opportunity to come trade and learn with us…

Congratulations to Mike Carter,… Read More

Apr 17 2013

Win an all expenses paid “trading vacation” to Medellin, Colombia next week! April 17, 2013 by Chris Dunn


I’m looking for someone who’s motivated and hungry to become a trader!



The winner of this contest will get a round trip flight to Medellin, Colombia and stay with me in our beautiful condo for an entire week of trading e-minis with the MAP Trading Strategy.

Apply here and my team will pick someone to fly down this weekend to next Friday…

 … Read More