Aug 8 2013

How To Come Back From A Losing Day & CRUSH The Markets August 8, 2013 by Chris Dunn

So yesterday the E-mini S&P opened choppy and gave us 2 losses in a row in the first 30 minutes of the day. Rookie traders would get emotional and say things like, “The system doesn’t work” or “I can’t do this”. But professional traders know that losses are just a part of trading…

Some days you’ll have 3-5 winners in a row, where other… Read More

Aug 7 2013

2013 Trading Bootcamp Invitation August 7, 2013 by Chris Dunn

We wanted to do a quick video to tell you what this year’s bootcamp is all about. Every bootcamp we’ve hosted has gotten rave reviews, and this year we’re really stepping it up, again.

Step 1 – If you’re NOT already a MAP Trading Program member, click here to start your monthly or lifetime membership

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Aug 6 2013

[Market Alert Video] S&P 500 Targets Hit – And A Sweet Gold Trade From The Beach August 6, 2013 by Chris Dunn

So in past blog videos I’ve called for about a 100 point move to the upside in the stock indices like the S&P 500. And yesterday we hit our longer-term targets on the daily charts.

Even though the volume has been low in the stock market, commodities like Gold e-mini futures (Symbol: GC) have had some great volatility lately. It doesn’t matter if the market is going up or down,… Read More

Jul 31 2013

Monthly Trading Recap Video & 2013 Trading Bootcamp! July 31, 2013 by Chris Dunn

Today I’m trading from the world-famous Don Cesar in St. Petersberg, Florida with some of our trading team. We’re getting ready for a brand new trading site designed specifically for income traders, and putting the final touches on the MAP Trading Strategy upgrades that we’re releasing at the bootcamp in September…

We’re really excited for the 2013 E-mini… Read More

Jul 17 2013

Trade Review: Massive Gold Short July 17, 2013 by Chris Dunn

If you’ve been active in the markets this week, you know the indices are a little slow because we’re testing all time market highs in the S&P 500. However, when indices are slow there can be big opportunity in markets like oil and gold…

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And today we had a “grand slam” setup … Read More

Jul 10 2013

In-Depth Market Analysis (How To Trade Sideways Market Conditions) July 10, 2013 by Chris Henry

The markets seemed to be pretty slow and sideways for the most part today. With the strong resistance level on the S&P, the Fed news piece this afternoon, and a few other smaller factors, it wasn’t a big surprise to see this type of movement in the morning. However, the MAP program still provided us with many different opportunities that went on to hit our targets. Check out the video… Read More

Jul 9 2013

Traveling & Trading During the Summer Months? (Don’t Miss Out On This Movement!) July 9, 2013 by Chris Dunn


Some years the markets are pretty slow during the summer.  This year is an exception.  Since May of this year, we’ve seen higher volume and volatility than recent past years. As MAP Trading Program members know, we just have to “show up” when there’s volatility.  Notice the great movement during the summer months in the chart below:


Day Trading… Read More
Jul 3 2013

Independence Day Market Forecast (And Trading From The Amazon) July 3, 2013 by Chris Dunn

I see two major potential outcomes for the market over the next few weeks. And even though I’m not a long-term trader, it’s nice to have a hypothesis about where the markets are headed so we can put the market into context for intra-day trading.

Potential #1 – Continued bull run with a measured move to the 1,700 area.

Potential #2 – Immediate panic to retest the low … Read More

Jun 28 2013

June Monthly Trading Recap – Is Day Trading Easy? June 28, 2013 by Chris Dunn

The past 30 days have been the best market conditions for day traders all year!  Thanks to understanding my 3-phase market conditions, panic has given day traders more intra-day volatility and opportunity.  As MAP Trading Program members know, volatility is good ONLY if you’re disciplined with risk management.  Otherwise, you’ll get chopped out of the markets.

After… Read More

Jun 20 2013

(Market Alert) How To Trade This “Falling Knife”… June 20, 2013 by Chris Dunn

So the markets are down HUUUGE today, including gold.  The media is blaming the Fed (which probably is a contributing factor), but we’ve been expecting a market panic for a while now…

The markets have just been in “over-exuberant bullishness” mode, which means it’s been over-bought for a long time, and due for a pullback.  In our trading room today, we… Read More