Nov 19 2013

Killer Trading In A Slower Market! November 19, 2013 by Chris Henry

Even though the S&P 500 emini opened up a little flat and sideways, we eventually had 2 incredible trades within about an hour. As the market opened this morning, price was running in between a support level around 1784 and a resistance level around 1790 without any respect of our MAP indicators. Once price broke out of this 6 point range, however, clear strength and direction was established… Read More

Nov 7 2013

Step-by-step free training video for an incredible trading day (along with student charts) November 7, 2013 by Chris Henry

While I usually like to keep these market recap videos reserved for our members only (after all, it is part of their subscription), I just had to share this one with you today. Sure, the volatility has returned, the markets are moving nicely again, and I had some nice trades myself. But what has gotten me so excited is that our members have been executing flawlessly lately. And in this video you… Read More

Oct 31 2013

2 Simultaneous Trades This Morning (traded live) October 31, 2013 by Chris Henry

We had some incredible movement this morning across the board! At one point, just about every indices market was showing strength to the downside with sellers in control. During this, I mentioned in our open-forum trading room that we had many short opportunities potentially coming into play. As you will see in the video below, I originally attempted to enter into the S&P 500 emini and… Read More

Oct 30 2013

How To (Currently) Trade In The First 60-90 Minutes Of The Day! October 30, 2013 by Chris Henry

Over the last few days, most of our opportunities have occurred within the first 60-90 minutes of the trading day and then the markets have generally gone flat. This is especially true in the S&P 500 emini market. We have seen opportunities in both directions recently (both longs and shorts) even though we continue to see new all-time highs! And this morning in the trading room, we discussed… Read More

Oct 22 2013

Day Trading From The #1 Beach In The World (And A Market Recap) October 22, 2013 by Chris Dunn

As you might already know, I’ve been trading from Southeast Asia for the past few weeks, and it’s been incredible!  And I’m looking for someone who’s serious about their trading to come join me – click here to apply to join our Pro Trader Challenge.

Right now I’m sitting on Phi Phi Island next to the world famous Maya Bay where they filmed “The… Read More

Oct 14 2013

The Fall Volatility continues! (and an invite to join our Pro Trader Challenge) October 14, 2013 by Chris Henry

If you saw my last post, you heard me talking about how “The Fall Trading Season has arrived”. Well, we had some killer movement these last couple of weeks and I wanted to showcase the opportunities we had with the MAP Trading Strategy in a video for you. Check it out below:

We also just started a whole new program to help you learn about the things I talked about in the video. Make sure… Read More

Oct 9 2013

Exploring Thailand – And Market Forecast For Mid-October October 9, 2013 by Chris Dunn

Right now I’m in Chiang Mai meeting up with some traders. It’s been really fun trading at night and exploring during the day…

All users of our MAP Trading Strategy and members of my Pro Trader Challenge know how important it is to keep a strong mindset when trading.  This market has been challenging, but showing good profit potential for those who are patient and don’t… Read More

Oct 3 2013

10/03/13 Trade Review (And Trading From Thailand) October 3, 2013 by Chris Dunn

The past couple of weeks have shown a pullback in the price of the stock indices.  This is typically a good thing for day traders, because falling prices mean more volatility, which equates to more trading opportunities.  This morning was no exception.  We saw volatility on both stock indices and commodities.  That’s what it’s so important not to be a “one trick … Read More

Sep 23 2013

The Fall Trading Season Has Arrived! September 23, 2013 by Chris Henry

Well, it looks as if the volatility might be returning in the markets for the start of the fall trading season. Even though last Friday was Quadruple Witching Day (expiration for options and futures contracts), we had great intra-day ranges in many markets and the MAP Trading Strategy showed us some great trade setups.

We’re also hosting a Live Market Training Class tomorrow at 2 PM… Read More

Sep 17 2013

2013 Trading Bootcamp Reviews & Pictures September 17, 2013 by Chris Dunn

We’re finally recovered from our incredible 2013 Trading Bootcamp that I hosted here in Austin, Texas.  It’s always great hanging out with our traders, and this year was probably the best bootcamp to date!  Some highlights include:

Our Director of Education, Chris Henry explaining how to mentally recover from a drawdown, and a candid conversation about his evolution… Read More