Feb 24 2014

Day Trading During New All-Time Highs February 24, 2014 by Chris Henry

As the market opened this morning, we saw price pushing up into resistance and our daily all-time high level. Price has reacted pretty strongly off of this level in the past, especially around January 2nd when saw a drop of over 100 points in the Emini S&P 500 market within just 9 trading days. Today, however, we witnessed price break through the resistance level and enter into a very strong… Read More

Feb 4 2014

MAP Strategy Results And An Invite To Our Next Live Trading Webinar February 4, 2014 by Chris Henry

Market conditions in 2014 so far have been completely different than they were near the end of 2013. We are seeing high volatility, big volume, and nice follow-through. As we know, bigger volume and volatility = more opportunity for our traders!

We frequently roll out updated reports showing our students the profit potential of the MAP Trading Strategy, and the best parameters to use for… Read More

Jan 29 2014

Identifying Favorable Market Environments January 29, 2014 by Chris Henry

In the last few videos that I put together (such as this one), I have mentioned trading only when market conditions are favorable. This can mean different things depending on the system you are trading, the type of market you are trading, or any other number of factors. Because that can be such a broad term to use, I decided I was going to put together a video as soon as we had the type of market movement… Read More

Jan 21 2014

Differences In Post Holiday Trading (and live trading demo invite) January 21, 2014 by Chris Henry

Typically the trading day right before and right after a holiday shows a lower “range” and volume. One thing we teach to our MAP Trading Program members is that it’s best to only trade when you have confirmed strength and direction and when the volume and volatility is evident. Recently, most trading days around holidays have lacked direction and have caused us to be selective… Read More

Jan 14 2014

How To Trade When Strength Enters The Market (and a live trade!) January 14, 2014 by Chris Henry

So I woke up this morning really compelled to put together a blog post for you guys explaining what I mean when I talk about different “market environments” (like I do in this post here), and I knew that the overall movement in yesterday’s S&P 500 emini market would help to show you an example. I explain it very thoroughly and in great detail in our trading room and in our… Read More

Jan 6 2014

Some Great Movement To Start 2014! January 6, 2014 by Chris Henry

We started today coming off of a slower couple of weeks due to the holidays. And in our trading room, we talked about how we could expect the morning to start out a little unsure and slow and then for the volume to pick up as the week progressed. The market of the day would have to be the S&P 500 emini market. We had a couple of small failed opportunities to start, but then had a killer short to … Read More

Dec 17 2013

Day Trading With The Current Volatility December 17, 2013 by Chris Henry

We had a huge down day last week that brought volume and volatility into the markets. And in our trading room, we talked about how we could expect this type of movement to continue as long as we stayed outside of our longer-term daily areas. We have since popped back inside, but have continued to see some nice opportunities. And if you saw my blog post from about this time last month, you know that… Read More

Dec 5 2013

Trading Inside A Continued Daily Range December 5, 2013 by Chris Henry

We’ve continued to remain inside of these big daily ranges in the indices, which has led to a few slower days here and there without much clear direction. Today was not one of those days.

Clear strength and direction was established early, and it continued throughout the morning. The trading room was buzzing earlier as many of our members took advantage of this great volatility. Right… Read More

Dec 2 2013

How To Profit When Clear Strength And Direction Enters The Market December 2, 2013 by Chris Henry

This morning in the trading room, I was explaining to our members the reasons we should be sitting on our hands (or SOH as we put it in the room) and not participating in the market yet. With it being the day after Thanksgiving weekend, there wasn’t any evident strength or big momentum in either direction this morning. Because of this, I took one small loss in the oil market and then basically… Read More

Nov 19 2013

Killer Trading In A Slower Market! November 19, 2013 by Chris Henry

Even though the S&P 500 emini opened up a little flat and sideways, we eventually had 2 incredible trades within about an hour. As the market opened this morning, price was running in between a support level around 1784 and a resistance level around 1790 without any respect of our MAP indicators. Once price broke out of this 6 point range, however, clear strength and direction was established… Read More