How To Find The Best Emini Trading Room

Thanks to technology individual traders are now on an even playing field with the traders on wall street.  In the old days, you had to call your broker to place a trade on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange.  And unless you had state of the art data feed into your home office, you had little chance of keeping up with the big boys.  However, around the year 2000 high speed internet connections were becoming affordable for the average person.

With the emergence of direct access online brokers and personal high speed internet connections came the live emini trading rooms.  It was set up with a moderator  giving live commentary in an online trader chat room. Typically, this person would give his or her opinion on what the market was doing and what trades they were thinking about. You could then take that information and help make real-time trading decisions. This was a huge leap forward for traders like you and me.

However, the first futures trading rooms weren’t the best way to learn how to trade.  First off, it was very expensive to have a microphone feature to where you could hear the moderator talking. This left only text chatting, which was very difficult to trade in real-time. For example, by the time the moderator typed his recommendation into the room, and you read it and tried to place your order, the trade had already moved away from the entry price.

Since the early 2000’s, technology has come a long way. Now we have the ability to share our screens and talk through VOIP. In other words, it’s like you’re sitting right next to the person giving the market commentary.

When you’re searching for a live emini trading room, make sure to get involved with a company who teaches a rules-based strategy. It’s very important that you know why you’re taking the trades that are being analyzed in the chat room.

In the Emini Academy’s live market support & training room, our students are able to see our educators point out the MAP Trading Strategy’s setups in real-time. We take the time to make sure everyone understands why we’re looking at certain trade opportunities.  You’ll see our screens, hear our voices, and be able to interact with us live.

At the Emini Academy we offer two educational trading rooms.  First, our “Foundations Classroom” is setup to teach our customers the basics of our MAP Trading Strategy.  Second, our “Live Market Analysis Support Room” is set up to help traders understand what our software is telling us and to help anticipate trade opportunities before they occur.  We are not trading advisers, we do not provide any personalized trading advice, and we do not “call trades” or make buy or sell recommendations.  Our goal is to help our traders learn the MAP Trading Strategy, understand the rules of our strategy, and become generally aware of market dynamics.  We do not guarantee success, but hope our tools help you to become a better trader.

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